[System Engineering] #5. System engineering

Intro : A Deep Dive Through Different Definitions and Approaches about System Engineering Hello! This is Danappa, a system engineer. In this post, we will explore systems engineering. To understand the definition of systems engineering, let us look at definitions from several sources. If you look at these definitions carefully, there are some common keywords: … Read more

[System Engineering] #4. Systems Thinking 2 – Principles, Laws, Heuristics and Pattern

Intro: Principles of Systems Thinking Actually, I thought a lot about it while writing about the topic of Systems Thinking in my previous post. The topic of systems thinking was too difficult for me to handle because I lacked the expertise. However, this blog of mine is intended to convey the basic knowledge needed as … Read more

[System Engineering] #3. Systems Thinking 1

Intro: Systems Thinking in Practice Successful systems practice requires not only applying systems thinking to the systems being created, but also utilizing systems thinking to consider how work is planned and performed. In order to understand a concept as complex and subject to diverse interpretations as a system, a procedure or methodology is needed to … Read more

[System Engineering] #1. INTRODUCTION – Navigating System Engineering

Navigating System Engineering in the Automotive Electronics Industry Hello! I’m Danappa, a system engineer in the automotive electronics industry in Korea, with six years of experience as a System Engineer. Recently, compliance with international standards such as Functional Safety (ISO26262), A-SPICE, and Cyber Security (ISO/SAE21434) is increasingly emphasized in this industry. These changes have significantly … Read more