[Enterprise Architect] #5. Layout Ribbon

Enterprise Architect’s Layout Ribbon: An introduction to key features for aligning and visualizing models In this post, I would like to explain the options in Layout Ribbon. Layout Ribbon is used to create high-quality diagrams by aligning elements and sections of a model. The appearance of the diagram can be completely changed by adding borders, … Read more

[Enterprise Architect] #4. Design Ribbon

Enterprise Architect’s Design Ribbon Analysis In this post, I would like to explain the options in Design Ribbon. The ‘Design’ ribbon is used to develop and visualize models by creating diagrams, matrices, and lists of important aspects of a system, to create and view requirements and other specifications, to create representations regardless of technology or … Read more

[Enterprise Architect] #3. Start Ribbon

Explore the Start Ribbon in Enterprise Architect In this post, I would like to explain the options in Start Ribbon. Start Ribbon provides a variety of functions to explore, check, and view information in the repository. This ribbon contains tools to navigate to items, view important events, messages, discussions, and tasks the modeler needs on … Read more

[Enterprise Architect] #1. File Management & Explore Panel

Enterprise Architect : Explanation the basic functions required from the Start Menu In this post, we explained the basic functions required when modeling with SysML among the basic menus. Enterprise Architect (EA) provides various ribbon menus at the top of the screen to allow users to easily access EA’s functions. Each ribbon focuses on a … Read more