[Enterprise Architect] #14. Trace and Navigation, Relation, composition

Trace and Navigation and Relation, Composition In this post, we will learn about Enterprise Architect (EA)’s Trace and Navigation, Relation, composition together with Traceability, Relation window, Navigation Cell, and Composition Diagram. Trace and Navigation : Traceability Traceability is an important feature in Enterprise Architect (EA) for identifying relationships and interactions between elements in a model. … Read more

[Enterprise Architect] #12. Useful functions creating diagrams with EA

Useful functions creating diagrams with EA: Explanation with SysML diagram examples In this post, I will explain some useful functions creating diagrams with EA. As in previous posts, this time I will explain using the SysML diagram taxonomy bdd as an example. If you make good use of these useful functions when creating diagrams, you … Read more

[Enterprise Architect] #8. EA basic usage

EA basic usage Today we will cover the basics of using EA (Enterprise Architect). This content is based on the EA Guide Book provided by Sparx Systems, especially the ‘Enterprise Architect Modeling Tutorial’, and is a compilation of the knowledge I have learned through various experiences. Currently I am using ‘EA 16, Unified Edition’. Through … Read more